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Curatorial Software Solutions
We develop custom software solutions that transform the curation process for digital collections. Our innovative tools facilitate seamless navigation and interaction with digital assets, enabling our customers to manage and explore their collections in new ways.
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Model Manufactory
We specialize in developing hand-crafted models and methodologies to create tailored solutions for domain-specific collections. We leverage our expertise in feature extraction and multi-dimensional embedding space to advance the understanding, accessibility, and organization of your digital collections.
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Our foundation is based on years of rigorous research and continuous innovation in Computer Science and the cultural sector. We are committed to advancing the field of computer-aided curation through our ongoing research and development of cutting-edge technologies, contributing to the Open Science community and industrial utilisation.
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About Us is dedicated to providing innovative curatorial solutions for digital collections drawing from years of proprietary research and expertise. We offer bespoke software solutions, tools, and in-house developed methods and models tailored to the domain-specific needs of a diverse client base, from large institutions to private individuals.

Our unique approach combines innovative techniques from multiple disciplines to foster creative and novel ways to navigate and curate digital collections. Seamlessly integrating visual and semantic analytics, we offer a fresh perspective on curating and interacting with digital collections, guaranteeing professional yet unconventional solutions. is a venture founded by Tillmann Ohm, a creative technologist, developer, researcher and artist, driven by innovation in the curatorial field. Since 2016, ARCU (Artificial Curator) and ARCU&OHM have developed numerous computational curation projects, carried out research on curatorial algorithms, and pushed the boundaries of digital collection innovation.

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